Our Core Values

God Worshipers

God is the only One Worthy of Being the center of attention and undisputed focus of my life.

Bible Doers

God's Word is my perfect wisdom and guidance for all areas and questions of everyday life.

Faithful Pray-ers

Prayer is listening and talking with God as my means for seeing supernatural work happen in me, in others, and in circumstances.

People Lovers

Lives are changed by love because love never fails, so I open my life to people.

Generous Givers

I am a manager, not owner, of God's money and resources, and He includes me in accomplishing His priorities with these means.

Eager Servants

God calls me into His work of serving people with joy with the time and talent He has given me.

World Changers

Jesus both commands and empowers me to share His gospel with people in my everyday life and with those in other parts of the world.