Nursery & Toddler Rooms



Personal nurturing for your child is our #1 Priority.  Parents with children 6 weeks and up can take comfort in knowing that their infants are receiving exceptional, loving care in our nursery while they enjoy worship on Sunday mornings.

Our nursery is equipped with the perfect necessities for little ones from swings to mobiles to toys and more. 

Our auditorium is also equipped with two Cry Rooms for parents with young children, baby2including a special Nursing Area. 

Be sure to come early to allow time for yourself to register your little one and for him/her to become acclamated with our nursery. 

Once your child has become 2 years old, your child will transition into our TODDLER ROOM.


Children ages 2 and 3 years old receive biblical instruction designed just for their age level.   Your toddler will hear bible stories, sing worship songs, and learn to pray to God.  

What To Bring
  • Diaper Bags (Marked with Child's First and Last Name)
  • Feeding Bottle(s) (Marked with Child's First and Last Name)
  • Comfort Items (Marked With Child's First and Last Name)

When You ArriveCheckIn

Check-in your child at any one of our check-in kiosks.  You will receive a name tage for your child (put on his/her back) and one matching parent tag (security code matching) for you to show at pick up after the service.  In addition, be sure to fill out a "Day Of" card with your cell #, last feeding, etc...  The card will be returned to you with info from our volunteers about any diaper changes, feedings, etc that took place during the service.