Youth Parent Resource Page

Parents, believe it or not you will have more of an influence on your teens than anyone else in their younger years. You want that influence to be a positive one. So to help you to do the best that you can do we have assembled this page of resources to help you by keeping you fully informed and equipped to better understand and lead your sons and daughters. We have separated resources for you by topic to better help.

MEDIA // This is not a Christian site but it is a comprehensive resource on movie & DVD content. This is a great resource for finding out what are in the movies that you teens are going to see before they even see them. It has great information on much of today’s music too. // This website is designed for parents of teens and youth workers by Focus on the Family. It is full of movie, TV and music reviews.


Do Teens Get Tired Of Being Wired? Teenagers love their phone! They have it when they wake up, when they fall asleep, in-between classes, after playing sports (even during halftime)… I’ve even seen kids have it at the dinner table in restaurants (a cardinal sin in our family). It’s like another appendage.

UPDATE: October 2014

Well, today I stumbled across a great FREE resource for families. Its a website with lots of advice, tools, and even podcasts with wisdom and guidance for dealing with alot of the challenges of parenting teens today.

Check the site out today and explore all that it offers. There is one article there that I'd love for you to focus on entitled Four Questions Every Parent Should Ask About Social Media. This article is great 'prep work' to start discussing at home what we will be tackling the NEXT couple of weeks.