Discovering HOPE Membership

Membership = Commitment. It's that simple. It's a door of opportunity. A door that leads to greater growth, identity, and fulfillment. Membership strengthens a believer because it is a commitment to live out what it means to be part of the body (1 Cor. 12:11-31). If you’re ready to be an active partner in moving the vision and mission of HOPE forward, we’d love to start the conversation with you!


To begin your process of connecting in HOPE Membership, the following four steps are important and required:

(#1) Submit the initial Membership Application (below) where you'll share your clear testimony of salvation/relationship with Jesus Christ and subsequent baptism as a believer/follower of Jesus Christ.

(#2) Attend a HOPE Membership session (see end of application below

(#3) Sign & hand in HOPE Membership Covenant (discussed and given out at HOPE Membership session)

(#4) Receive follow-up contact by HOPE Elders, then new HOPE Member names are communicated publicly at HOPE


We recommend attending 'NEXT', a brief introductory gathering after the worship service on the first Sunday each month as your very first step toward HOPE Membership. To see more info about 'NEXT' and to sign up for it, click here. If you are otherwise ready to follow the four steps detailed above, submit the following:

Fill out my online form.