Racialized Sin

by Andrew Bonaventura on August 17, 2017
Category: Enews

The ugliness of Charlottesville (and all previous instances mounting to this point) was disturbing to see occur. After hearing and seeing white supremacist marchers and their beliefs and reading some of the statements of leaders/organizers, my mind kept repeating a question, "How can they disregard human beings like this? What in the world are these people thinking?!?"

And I quickly sensed the Holy Spirit answering my internal question, reminding me of the fundamental problem: sin and man's own horrible attempts to fix humanity with anything other than the mercy, grace, and humility of the cross & resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can redeem and save. May His rescue of us be elevated above all this, make all our hearts new once again, and draw out His kind of love in our hearts for all people He showed at the cross!

I prayed with an African-American couple this Sunday newer to HOPE (not about current events, but about personal questions they had). In retrospect, the way we talked and loved one another, and finally as we grasped hands and prayed together in a tight little circle, was a picture I deeply wish would be the sweeping case across our great country. We were people joined in heart & spirit, loving one another in Christ, and glad to be worshiping Jesus and felllowshiping in His name together. May Jesus be honored in all our relationships. May the Church be the example of unity and love that Jesus called it to be in this world, setting the pace for others to follow.

Lord Jesus, make your way clear . . . forgive us of our sins . . . unite our hearts . . . bring us to greater repentance . . . heal our land . . . magnify your Name and kingdom cause above all.

Andrew Bonaventura
Lead Pastor