Moving Faith from Here to There

by Andrew Bonaventura on April 8, 2016
Category: Enews

Much of Moorestown experienced a power outage on Sunday. HOPE, not to be deterred, had its first ever, no electricity, acoustic, unplugged, unheated worship service. Overall, a pretty cool adventure to be forced to experience together! Many commented on what a good, different opportunity it was.

Pastor Chris delivered a fantastic message under these conditions that I believe God used powerfully for many of us. It was a perfect next step coming out of Easter as we learned from Thomas, one of Jesus’ inner circle of disciples. I’ve been thinking about it several times this week. Most specifically, how Jesus engaged Thomas who desired to literally touch Jesus nail-scarred hands and spear-driven side in order to believe that Jesus was, in fact, risen from the dead. Jesus lovingly gave Thomas the in-the-flesh proof he desired . . . proving something else about Jesus: He meets us where our faith currently is in order to take our faith where it yet needs to be.

Jesus doesn’t castigate us for doubts, questions, struggles, or weak faith. He invites us to express it all to Him and be humanly honest about it. Jesus clearly invites us to earnestly lean into Him for the deeper faith we need. God’s Word teaches us that we walk by faith, not by sight. This is hard and unnatural for us to do. Jesus knows that. He wants to strengthen us in that difficult, unnatural walk. It would be illogical and cruel of Jesus if we are called to walk by faith, yet we were unwelcome to actually work that out day by day with Him.

Jesus, full of grace, wants to move our faith from here to there. I’m thankful for His love of Thomas and the relieving truth about walking with Jesus that God cared so much to show us. Without Jesus’ grace there would be no way for my faith to move from here to there.

Yours in Jesus,

Andrew Bonaventura