Don't Make The Same Prayer Error

by Andrew Bonaventura on May 25, 2017
Category: Enews

I talk too much and do too much. I don't listen and rest like I should. Anyone else have the same disease? We are talkative and noisy people typically unsettled by silence, so we fill that space with talk, noise, action, and busy-ness.

But God calls us to rest in Him. We have a hard time sitting still, especially before God, and letting quiet, stillness, silence serve our hearts and minds.  He gives us direction and inner peace, but it doesn’t come by striving and talking and being busy. We desire life strength (there’s nothing wrong with that desire) and usually rush to consult other people or apply our own ideas, skills, and methods. We constantly look around for help and strength forgetting God when we should first and always be consulting God.

It's a dangerous prayer to learn to pray, “Lord, quiet me.” In quietness and trust is our true strength, God tells us in Isaiah 30:15. For every strength you and I need, quietness and trust before God is the way. Out of that He may show us something to say or do, but let's learn to rest in Him, not only at the start, but at each step along the way.