Life Hurts. God Heals.

by Andrew Bonaventura on February 28, 2016
Category: Enews

One hit after another. Life feels so much like that, doesn't it? Loss shows up in a myriad of ways. When I asked our HOPE Elder team their thoughts for what preaching series would be helpful to our church, the theme of "loss" rose to the top. We need the comfort, direction, and truth of God's heart through God's Word for how to personally deal with life's losses. But more than that, to grasp God's deep healing above and beyond it all.

I hope you'll join us this Sunday as we begin 4 weeks (leading up to the ultimate victory, healing, and redemption of Easter) of letting God guide our hearts through the tangled web of loss we all face in life. So many types of loss, but One True Healer.

Before Sunday, listen to Jenn Johnson share her brief story of how a beautiful song arose out of loss and grief:

And then listen to the song:

Whether the losses you've experienced are great or small, isolated or repeated, we all need our hearts and lives tethered to Jesus. Life hurts . . . but God heals!

Yours in Jesus,

Andrew Bonaventura