God's File on You (it's not what you think)

by Andrew Bonaventura on May 5, 2016
Category: Enews

I recently came across a perspective-changing illustration of what it will be like for believers in Jesus to stand before Him one day and give account of their lives. I shared it this past Sunday and have been reflecting on it since then. It is so good, so helpful, that I thought it would be good for us all to have here. This causes us to realize our bad brain programming and the need for our minds and hearts to be blown open wider with God's amazing grace. Helping believers in Jesus better understand what it will be like to give account to God one day, John Piper, in A Godward Life, writes:

Picture it like this. God has a file on every person (Revelation 20:12). All you've ever done or said (Matthew 12:36) is recorded with a grade from A to F. When you stand before the judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:1) to be judged according to what you have done, whether good or bad, God will open the file and lay out the tests with their grades. He will pull out all the F’s and put them in a pile. The He will take all the D’s and C’s and pull the good parts of the test out and place them with the A’s, and put the bad parts with the F’s. Then He will take all the B’s and A’s and pull the bad parts out of them and put them in the F pile, and put all the good parts in the A pile.

Then He will open another file (the book of life [Philippians 4:3]) and find your name. Behind your name will be a wood-stick match made from the cross of Jesus. he will take the match, light it, and set the F pile, with all your failures, imperfections, and deficiencies, on fire and burn them up. They will not condemn you, and they will not reward you.

Then He will take from your book-of-life file a sealed envelope marked “free and gracious bonus” and put it on the A pile (see Mark 4:24 and Luke 6:38). The He will hold up the entire pile and declare, “By this your life bears witness to the grace of my Father, the worth of my blood, and the fruit of my Spirit. Enter into the joy of your Master.”