Every Promise Anchored

by Andrew Bonaventura on March 25, 2016
Category: Enews

This past week at HOPE we had a memorable time together clinging to God’s promises. One after another, we were vividly reminded how God always keeps His promises. He is completely trustworthy. That is no small statement when you consider one of the best studies of promises recorded in the Bible lists about 7500 of them God has made to people! And while we can take great hope in the sheer trustworthiness of God and the number of promises He has made, God’s greatest promise to us is enveloped in Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished. Which is exactly why 2 Corinthians 1:20 teaches us that no matter how many promises God has made, every single one of them is a guaranteed “Yes” in Christ Jesus.

Through Jesus we see God’s fulfillment of the greatest promise: sin has been defeated, death is robbed of its sting, and eternal life with God is offered and made secure. We are able to place full faith in the victory of the cross and resurrection, the promise of God of greatest consequence. What Jesus did through His death and resurrection fully established God’s promise to us in such a way that no greater hope exists outside of it. We have the greatest reason to trust God, draw close to Him, and deepen our faith. We have the empty cross and empty grave anchoring us, and we can return to it time and time again!!!

Yours in Jesus,

Andrew Bonaventura