Big Happy Announcement!

by Andrew Bonaventura on August 12, 2016
Category: Enews

God has blessed us with super-clear direction in our search for a part-time Children's Ministry Coordinator . . . we welcome Jerry Campagna into this role on HOPE Staff! We've all felt the need for a servant-leader to provide direction for HCC Kids. Our HOPE Elder Team couldn't be more thrilled to see God lead Jerry into this right now. One of our favorite parts of this is that the Campagna family has been at HOPE for a few years now, and this is a beautiful example of a family right here, in our church, currently serving, stepping up further into God's call in their lives. Jerry is a school teacher in Lumberton, NJ, and has sensed God expanding his ministry involvement. Through our conversations and interviews, it became clear how Jerry could keep his full-time teaching career, change some of his extra-curricular work, and come on part-time staff at HOPE. What a grace, what a gift God has worked out for HOPE, for Jerry, and his family. We are all witnesses of God's goodness, right here, right now. Jerry wrote a few words of greeting . . .

Dear HOPE,

It is with a servant’s heart I compose this greeting.

My family and I have been worshiping at HOPE for what will be 3 years this November. With each passing year Carrie and I (along with our two girls, Anna and Abigail) have made a cognizant effort to become more involved with the ministry opportunities at HOPE. As an educator and parent, the obvious direction was with HCC Kids.

Since attending HOPE my family and I have felt welcomed, cared for, and supported. Worshiping alongside you has been our pleasure and I am humbled at the opportunity to now work on staff in a new part-time role at Children's Ministry Coordinator.

It's an awesome privilege to equip all children who enter HOPE's doors with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord. Together, we can provide an engaging, creative, safe environment with age-appropriate teaching, activities, and real-life applications centered on God's Word and a personal relationship with Jesus. I look forward to interacting with each of you more in-depth than this brief note is intended to do. You can expect to be hearing from me again very soon as we gear up together for a fantastic new fall season ahead. This is an exciting time to be a part of a new era in children’s ministry at HOPE. Please join in and help make a spiritual impact that will shape young lives for Jesus!


Jerry Campagna

HOPE Community Church
HCC Kids Coordinator