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When Struggling to Believe


Andrew Bonaventura

When it's a struggle to believe God can take care of your need, which direction do you typically turn . . . toward Him or away from Him? That choice of direction is more important than you and I may realize.

That "Weighed Down" Feeling


Andrew Bonaventura

Everyone knows what it's like, to some degree, to feel weighed down. If you were to measure that in your life somehow, would it be in ounces, pounds, tons? Even a little bit can feel like a lot.



Andrew Bonaventura

I recall a couple of years ago hearing a couple's story on video of how God redeemed their severely hurting marriage. They shared their pain, personal sinful steps, and ugliness that led them to the very edge of divorce.

Cracks From A Different Angle


Andrew Bonaventura

This email isn't about what you may have first thought by reading the subject title. Good thing.

Are you normal?


Andrew Bonaventura

"If you want what normal people have, do what normal people do. If you want what few people have, do what few people do." I've been thinking about those words of pastor Craig Groeschel from LifeChurch.tv and wondering if I am, according to this sentence, part of the 'normal' or part of the 'few'. Which part do you think is true of you?

BABEL. What does this tower have to do with your student?


Chris Yaunches

What does a tower in ancient times built to reach the heavens and a cell phone have in common?

I Dare You


Andrew Bonaventura

Having hope in hard times can often feel like a dare, can't it? I was talking about this with Christine this week as several very difficult events transpired. There can be news and situations so hard and unwanted that 'having hope' seems like a big joke.

What's Your Resistance Level?


Andrew Bonaventura

I want to share with you a beautiful reflection I received this week in an email from Paula Emond (thanks for letting me share it, Paula!). I think you'll find her thoughts as helpful and encouraging as I did: