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Listen, Learn, Lead


Andrew Bonaventura

I was going to write something else for this eNews, but God changed that on Thursday . . . so I'm going with it. I'm understanding more and more that serving this church well means listening, learning, and leading. In that order.

The Real MVP


Andrew Bonaventura

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." (William Arthur Ward) Kevin Durant, basketball star on the Oklahoma City Thunder, embodied this truth earlier this week. On Tuesday he was crowned 2014 Most Valuable Player in the National Basketball Association, and in his 20-minute acceptance speech, gave abundant thanks to his mother. A perfect reminder for all of us as we head into Mother's Day this weekend.

Hooray for HOPE & Haiti!!


Lynnette Brenner

Our first international missions team has just returned from Haiti. We'd like to share a poem with you and invite you to come praise God with us as we share...

God's Not Dead


Andrew Bonaventura

It seems the popular faith-based movie God's Not Dead is being talked about everywhere. And box office results are helping prove the strength of its message as it has hung out in the Top 5 since its opening. Nice to see a film like this breaking through the cultural mainstream.

Say YES!


Christine Bonaventura

Last weekend, 79 women gathered to worship, hear the word of God, build friendships, and enjoy delicious food! We had amazing time together discovering who we are and how to 'dress' as part of the family of God.

Your 68 Milliseconds


Andrew Bonaventura

68 milliseconds. The average time it takes for the human brain to react. The time it takes for what is inside of you to come out.

Blessings from Obedience


Brian Rykaczewski

Just a few days ago, my daughter Grace and I left the Dominican Republic and came home from what was truly a life-changing mission trip. We were on a team of 26 Americans to build and paint homes for the poorest of poor in the mountains of Los Cocos, outside of Santiago.

The Sweetest Thing


Andrew Bonaventura

In the past year or so, Christine and I have come back time and again to a beautiful song, Trust by Kristene Mueller, that calls our hearts back to placing full faith and trust in Jesus in all circumstances. I'm thinking we all need greater assurance of God's total control and that our trust in Him is the only rest, peace, and filling of our hearts

What's Your Storm Plan?


Andrew Bonaventura

We've endured a bunch of storms in recent weeks. One friend recently emoted, "Enough of all this snow and cold, I'm ready for summer already!" Maybe you feel the same.

How Do You See You?


Andrew Bonaventura

I don't think we even come close to seeing ourselves as God sees us. This week I exchanged a couple of emails with a HOPE friend about our awareness of our sin and desperate need for God's mercy. Honestly, I think we, as believers in Jesus, too often view ourselves as horrible, wayward, hopeless creatures that God is disgusted with.