Commitment to Protecting Children

The following is from our Relational Commitments document of HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH Moorestown.

Children are blessings from God and He calls the church to support parents in their responsibility to train children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Therefore, the church should be a safe and blessed place for children, where they can grow, play, form friendships and learn to experience and share the love of Christ.

However, since sin affects every person and organization in the world, it is possible that children and youth could be harmed, even during church activities. We cannot guarantee that such things will never happen within our fellowship, but we are committed to taking every reasonable precaution to protect our children and youth from foreseeable harm. This commitment includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • We do not allow anyone to work regularly with our children and youth unless he or she has regularly attended our church for at least three months, is a formal member and has completed formal training in appropriate care for children and youth (e.g. KidSafe).
  • We require all of our youth workers to complete a detailed application and application process. 
  • We require that, whenever practicable, youth workers serve in teams of two or more and be visible to other workers.

If a child is harmed in our church, we will take immediate steps to inform the parents, to accept responsibility for our role in the situation and to hold offending youth workers fully responsible for their actions. We will also evaluate our practices and procedures, considering changes that might reduce the likelihood of such harm to children in the future.


Download full Relational Commitments Attachment (PDF)