Our Strategy

 ... by creating irresistible environments that encourage and equip people to enjoy intimacy with God, authentic community inside the church and genuine influence outside the church...

How does a church go about creating irresistible environments?

The idea of creating irresistible environments takes its lead from Jesus Christ himself. No matter where he went, people found him irresistible. Not everyone accepted his message or followed his calling, but they couldn't ignore Him. He was irresistible. As a relatively new church, we are committed to consistently providing an environment that people would enjoy attending. We strive to worship God in an open and honest manner. There's no requirement to look a certain way, speak a certain language, or believe a particular way before coming. We want to be a "come as you are" church. Then, as you connect with God through worship, prayer and commitment, while at the same time connecting with others of like-mind and faith, you are inspired to grow in your faith toward God. 

The goal of creating irresistible environments is not for you to leave with more head knowledge or be concerned with knowing what to recite, or when to stand up and when to sit down. Rather, our goal is to encourage life-change to take place. Here's what we're discovering at HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH Moorestown: We're not content to just "go to church," we want to "be the church" . . .  making a positive impact in our families, communities, workplace and our world. Please consider joining us on this journey of faith.