About Us

Convinced that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and has established the local church, we commit ourselves to partner with the Holy Spirit and each other to reach and lead others in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our HOPE. If there's one universally accepted term pertaining to this life that everyone needs, we believe that word is HOPE. Visit this page to find out why we all need hope and why HOPE Community Church Moorestown might be the right church for you.


HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH Moorestown is a local church committed to the following Vision, Strategy, and Core Values.

Reaching and Leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus.
(What: Our Vision)

By creating irresistible environments that encourage and equip people to enjoy intimacy with God, authentic community inside the church and genuine influence outside the church...
(How: Our Strategy)

Motivated as passionate followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission by loving God, serving others and making disciples.
(Why: Our Core Values) 


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